Motivation: Efficient source to improve team members performance

Motivation is very important in any business. Employees tend to work better and more efficiently if they are motivated. There is therefore a link between the motivation and increased performance. Motivate the employees is thus essential in the teams of project because it allows members to work harder and thus the end result of the project is of better quality. 

  1. In the context of the new economy, with globalization and the accelerated development of technologies, the competitiveness of businesses is further supported in addition to knowledge and also on the ability of companies to innovate. 
  2. Innovation in terms of products and technology as well as the renewal of knowledge contributes to increased competition between companies. 
  3. Motivation can inspire, encourage and stimulate individuals to achieve common goals through teamwork, the common organizational mistakes in business is not to motivate the employees. It is in the interest of the project manager to see to the creation and maintenance of an environment motivating for all team members.

This rapid evolution of work organization towards project teams has contributed to reinforcement of certain requirements for employees: the success of the organization, in particular by achieving the objectives of the project, depends among other things on the motivation of employees to use their creativity and make efforts. It is therefore a question of finding the most effective employee motivation strategies.

Tips on how to motivate employees

The factors behind job satisfaction were significantly different from the factors that cause dissatisfaction. Intrinsic factors, such as advancement, recognition, responsibility and accomplishment, most often refer to satisfaction. These factors relate to the very nature of the work, namely its content or what people do. 

The notion of intrinsic motivation then emerges, a motivation which arises from psychological needs associated with the driving factors. From this perspective, to improve people’s performance, you have to act on the driving factors. 

In short, to motivate an employee, in his work, the company must develop the motivating factors by incorporating in the configuration of the job, this in order to enrich it. So here are the tips on how to motivate employees: 

  1. Group savings plan
  2. Collective banking services
  3. Group insurance
  4. The variable schedule
  5. Telecommuting
  6. Performance evaluation

Your employees spend at least half of their week at work, commuting or to come back and communicate with their colleagues. So it’s easy to understand why do so many people want a

job they love. Backgrounds work that provide a warm welcome to employees, who know how to stimulate them and that provide them with a safe environment have a clear competitive advantage in this market where competition is fierce.

It can be difficult to find – and retain – people who have the talents your company is looking for. For remain competitive, you have to attract the strongest, the most faster and smarter. But you are not the only ones covet the most promising subjects. What will inspire them to prefer you to your competitors? 

Common organizational mistakes in business

This is a new generation of workers, so the employers often do such a common organizational mistake in business when they forget that the emerging generation of workers today – that we

calls them “millennia” or generation “Y” – been told, both at home and in the media, that she could have it all.

This generation therefore believes that it has the right to everything. Searching a quality of life usually reserved for the wealthy and famous, to want only what is best and to estimate there

being right made sure that millennials are not just motivated and ambitious, but that it also has high expectations. 

To adapt to this workforce focused on “their needs”, you have to show unprecedented creativity relatively the incentives included in your job offer. Employers of choice offer attractive savings opportunities An incomplete or second-rate benefit package makes it easy for your competitors to trick you your best employees. 

Companies that offer the best benefits almost always have a head start on their competitors.

While other companies just offer the benefits mandatory (e.g. vacation pay, maternity leave,

workers’ compensation, employment insurance), you can show that you you care about the well-being of your employees and that you are willing to offer them better resources by expanding your system of remuneration. 

Group insurance as a way to motivate employees

Insurance is a very attractive social benefit which allows you to attract and retain staff. This guy

insurance provides for reimbursement of medical expenses employee currents and provides financial protection in illness, disability or death. Often group insurance plans also include a program employee assistance as well as a lifestyle program that can help improve the health and productivity of employees, and thus contribute to the success of your business.

Also, every modern workplace must be flexible. In addition to financial incentives, a workplace

attractive must incorporate three ideals into their practices: fairness, compassion and trust.

Integrating the principles of fairness, compassion and trust in managing your staff will help you

to foster the loyalty you are looking for. You can put these principles into practice while being attentive to needs of your employees and by showing more than flexibility to satisfy them.

For employees, flexibility is just as important than pension and insurance. The adoption of

flexible programs shows that you recognize that your employees are people, not people

only workers. So you show them your sense of fairness and the trust you have in them.

Some people like having a schedule summer, but others need hours of flexible work to allow them to take care of a member of the family. A little imagination and sensitivity can accomplish a lot.