Coffee should not be taken with any medicines or vitamins.

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          Besides food and drinks There are also some vitamins and medicines. That should not be taken with coffee. Because it may cause some side effects. For example,

Calcium in supplement form

          People thinking of taking calcium supplements to replace the missing calcium. But I drink coffee along with calcium. You may get less calcium into your body than the amount you should. This is because the caffeine in coffee blocks the body’s absorption of calcium. It also has a diuretic effect. causing more urine than before This will result in the excretion of calcium UFABET

         Therefore, if you are taking calcium in dietary supplement form. It is recommended to take calcium on an empty stomach. And you should stay away from coffee for at least 2 hours. It’s better to avoid drinking coffee with calcium.

Different types of vitamins

          Especially water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, which if eaten with coffee may cause the vitamin supplement to be excreted faster and more through the urine. Because the caffeine in coffee already has a diuretic effect. After drinking, you often feel the need to urinate.

          Or as for fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D, they should also not be taken with coffee or caffeinated drinks. This is because caffeine can inhibit the body’s absorption of vitamin D. Therefore, if you are going to take any vitamins, it is better to take them with water.

Birth control pills

          Coffee and birth control pills or emergency contraception are things that should not be taken together. This is because birth control pills may cause the body to expel caffeine more slowly than before. Makes the caffeine stay in the body longer. This may result in more side effects from caffeine as well. The side effects depend on each person’s sensitivity to caffeine. For example, some people may experience increased alertness, palpitations, increased headaches, insomnia, or a fast heartbeat. Therefore, if you want to take birth control pills, it is best to take them with water.