Real Madrid asked UEFA to return everyone.

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Real Madrid has asked UEFA to refund the cost of last season’s Champions League final to its supporters. After announcing refunds to Liverpool fans earlier.

The game was played at the Stade de France in Paris, France. Chaos ensued as fans were unable to enter the stadium. Causing the match to be delayed for 36 minutes as police arrived to look. After security, clashes with fans attempting to enter the stadium and tear gas was also fired.

After the incident became a hot topic, UEFA apologized to both clubs and admitted the problem was caused by mismanagement. On Tuesday it was announced that refunds will be made to fans who have tickets for Gates A, B, C, X, Y and Z. UFABET Which are dotted with Reds supporters.

However, Real Madrid point out that UEFA’s refund plan is insufficient and insists that all supporters should be refunded. Including club supporters.

“The truth is that all football fans experience unacceptable delays in the start of matches.” Real Madrid said in a statement. The same applies to other dangers including theft. physical abuse and threats”

“Unfortunately, we consider UEFA’s proposal to be inadequate. The content of the report, which has been demanded by UEFA itself, emphasizes that all fans who attended the final were victims of poor management by UEFA and saw their personal safety compromised.

“Whether they can attend the game or not or enter the field at the specified time in any case Supporters of both teams were in pain. And as a result Real Madrid decided not to cooperate with the limited reimbursement scheme imposed by UEFA. We ask for correction and take full responsibility.”