Mohamed Salah reveals that he received a penalty for Liverpool first-choice.

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Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah has revealed that. He became the number one penalty taker because of his brashness. When they succeeded in convincing their friends, tied up a long tiffin.

Salah has just surpassed Robbie Fowler for the most goals scored by a Reds player in the Premier League of all time, at 129. If there is no goal from a stationary ball 12 yards 

That gave the 30-carat footballer the opportunity to publicly reveal that he had become the number one killer at Anfield. UFABET Having to give up his thinness and status as a new kid to carry a great duty 

“I think when I enter the team Not even made it into the top four penalty takers.” Opening speech during an interview with Steven Gerrard on the special ‘Wen Stevie Met Mohamed Salah an LFC Original’

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s a meet game. Huddersfield (Jan. 2018) Spurs’ Harry Kane scored 21 or 22 at the time, we were two goalscorer and I was one behind him.

“James Milner, Executioner #1 I was on the field at that time. Think carefully and muster up the courage to ask you, “Okay, ah… Can I take that penalty?-” 

“There were 2-3 team mates coming to tell me – Hey, have you crossed the line? – But I repeat to you – I really need to shoot this one. I want to be named to score goals – ”   

“Good that we were two goals ahead, so Milner allowed me to say. – Are you going to shoot? – ”  

“So I scored as many goals as Kane and since then Milner has given me the #1 finisher position.”  

Since playing in the English Premier League in the 2017-18 season , Salah has scored 18 penalties .