Coman returns to light training this week.

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Kingsley Coman prepares to return to light training again this Sunday. According to a report last Saturday. The French national team winger has been injured while playing for Bayern Munich since April 13. It happened in the football game against Cologne on the Bundesliga stage. 

Recently, L’Equipe revealed that Coman is preparing to return to light training again today (Sunday). Which according to the program will be running and exercising on the practice field for the medical team and physical therapist to evaluate again UFABET 

It is considered a return to practice before the season is shut down. However, Coman will not be involved in playing for the Southern Tigers in the remaining games of the season. 

However, Coman’s main goal is to recover in time to become France coach Didier Deschamps’ choice for Euro 2024. 

French media has questioned whether Coman will have a chance to be fit or be an option for ‘Dede’ or not. Because in the past there has been an assessment of the chance that Deschamps will choose to use someone else.

For Euro 2024 entries, the deadline is until June 7.

In practice last Monday There was a bit of a shock when Coman, who was practicing lightly, By dribbling the ball Instead. He lay down and held his hand on his left knee as he cried out loudly in pain.