What are the benefits of cleansing for people with acne?

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What are the benefits of cleansing for people with acne?

In fact In addition to using standard medications or procedures to treat acne, The use of products in the cosmeceutical group also plays an important role in helping patients to have healthy skin that is strong enough for acne treatment. And when the skin is healthy https://ufabet999.app It will allow the patient to use acne medication continuously. As a result, acne treatment is more effective.

Cosmeceuticals that play an important role in treating acne may be natural extracts. Or is it a synthetic substance that has properties that help promote the effects of standard medicines, such as reducing the amount of bacteria? Helps stimulate skin cell turnover. Helps soothe the skin from inflammation. Or there are substances that help reduce oil on the face. There are several product groups of cosmeceutical products for acne patients, including sunscreen products, skin care creams, and products that help reduce acne scars. and products for cleaning the skin area

What does cleansing for people with acne help with?

Cleaning products play an important role in helping to clean. Cleanses dirt and excess fat around the skin. By choosing the right cleansing method for acne patients. You should choose cleaning products with a weakly acidic or neutral pH. Free from fragrance, alcohol and preservatives. Does not cause allergies or irritation to the skin. The feeling after use does not cause excessive dryness and tightness. and does not cause additional acne.

The use of cleaning products that contain cleaning tablets (abrasives) should be avoided in patients with inflamed acne. This is because it may cause irritation to the skin and increase inflammation. And avoid cleaning products that contain oil. Acne patients may clean with cleaning products suitable for acne patients 1-2 times a day and clean with gentleness. Avoid cleaning with cleansing too frequently and avoid harsh scrubbing of the skin. This is because it may result in increased acne inflammation.

Currently, cleaning products for acne patients may contain some important ingredients

That help promote the effectiveness of acne treatment even further. Some standard acne medicines may add such as benzoyl peroxide, which helps fight C.acnes bacteria and helps reduce clogged pores, etc. Or there may be some cosmeceutical ingredients that play a role in promoting the efficiency of acne treatment even further. For example, salicylic acid is added to cleaning products to help remove excess fat. Reduces clogged pores and stimulates the gentle exfoliation of skin cells. Or there is an ingredient added from bisabolol (bisabolol), which is an extract from chamomile that has the effect of reducing inflammation. Antioxidants Helps enhance the effect of fighting bacteria C.acnes, which is one of the important factors that cause acne. And helps reduce dark spots caused by acne as well.