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Monthly Archives: October 2023

Foods high in Probiotics for vegans and vegetarians.

 If you eat vegetarian during this time Or are you a vegan? Let’s take a look at what foods high in probiotics we can eat. 1. Miso  Even though it is a Japanese seasoning. But Thai people are familiar with miso. And this type of food is also high

Coffee should not be taken with any medicines or vitamins.

          Besides food and drinks There are also some vitamins and medicines. That should not be taken with coffee. Because it may cause some side effects. For example, Calcium in supplement form           People thinking of taking calcium supplements to replace

How to make ginger shots at home?

Ready to give ginger shots a try? While there are many options available for purchase. You can make ginger shots at home. Let’s go to ginger shots recipe with us: Ingredients Optional ingredients Preparation This recipe will make about six to eight shots and will

A closer look at pistachios health benefits.

Need more persuasion about pistachios? Always tend to reach for walnuts or almonds as an afternoon snack? You might want to consider varying your routine by grabbing some pistachios instead the next time you’re at the grocery store. Here are three reasons why pistachios can boost